These French beauties were developed in 1860 in North Central
France for meat and eggs.  We absolutely love these birds with
their beards and muffs they are such cute chicks!  They are a
good dual purpose farm bird and do well in cold weather.   We
are hoping to add more show quality birds to the flock over the
next year and breed to meet the APA standard.  They are a rare
find with their good dual purpose abilities and silly personalities.
We can't sex them at hatching but we can tell the sex about 3 to 4
weeks of age.

2013 pricing
Hatching Eggs:  $50.00 a dozen (includes shipping and handling)
Day old straight run chicks.................$4.00
3-4 week old pullets (female)..............$6.00
3-4 week old cockerels (male)............$3.00
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