One of the rare true auto-sexing breeds (breed that you can sex
the males from females at hatching by color), they were developed
in Britain in the aftermath of WWI,  with very little food available
to feed roosters, a professor set out to develop a breed that could
be sexed at hatching.
The Cream Legbars are excellent foragers and do well in a free
range environment.  The hens are light brown with a slight barring
in color.  They are excellent layers of blue eggs.  Relatively new
to the United States they are a rare find.
  We are currently working on two lines of Legbars, one is for
production and will provide you with lots of eggs, and the other is
our show line, which will not be available at this time

2013 pricing
Hatching Eggs:  $40.00 a dozen (includes shipping and handling)

Day old pullets (females).................$5.00
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Cream Legbars