From the APA standard for Large Fowl Sumatras:

  The Black Sumatra fowl is a native of Sumatra, and, as far as known, is
as pure blooded today as when first discovered on that Island in the Far
East many years ago.  This is a fowl of graceful form and distinct
carriage, with the richest of lustrous, greenish, black plumage throughout.  
Its particular characteristic is the flowing tail of the male, which has an
abundance of long sweeping sickles and coverts.  Multiple spurs are often
found on males and are to be desired.  Other desirable characteristics are
length and breadth of feather, extremely lustrous, greenish black plumage
color and practically no wattle development.  The Black Sumatras were
admitted to the Standard in 1883.
                           ECONOMIC QUALITIES
  Color of skin, yellow; color of egg shells, white or light tint.
  White in ear-lobes, more than one-half inch of positive white in any part
of surface plumage or two or more feathers tipped or edged with positive
white.  Cocks showing entire absence of spurs. (See general
disqualifications and cutting for defects)
                           STANDARD WEIGHTS
Cock.......................5lbs             Hen.........................4lbs
Cockerel..................4lbs             Pullet......................3 1/2lbs
                                  SHAPE - MALE
COMB: Pea, small
BEAK: Short, stout well-curved
EYES: Large, prominent
WATTLES: Practically no development
EAR-LOBES: Very small
HEAD:  Short, round
NECK: Rather long, well-arched, throat full.  Hackle -- full, long flowing.
BACK:  Long, broad at shoulders, narrowing slightly and sloping gently
to tail, with very long, full flowing saddle feathers.
TAIL: Long, broad and flowing, carried horizontally with abundance of
feathers, end of which often drag the ground.
Sickles -- long, broad and flowing
Lesser Sickles and Coverts -- abundant long broad and flowing extending
well onto main tail.
WINGS:  Long, large carried with fronts slightly raised points of the
feathers folded closely together, pointing slightly downward.
BREAST:  Broad, full, well rounded
BODY AND STERN:  Body -- moderately long, firm, muscular, tapering
slightly to tail.  
Stern -- compact
LEGS AND TOES:  Legs set well apart, straight when viewed from front,
Lower Thighs -- medium length, strong
Parc Life Layout

Toes -- four on each foot, long, straight, wellspread

We are very pleased to offer some very nice Sumatras.  We breed
these gorgeous birds to meet the APA and ABA standards.  They
are outstanding show birds and have done very well over the
years, winning many AOSB and AOCCL awards as well at Best
Large Fowl and Best Bantam and even a couple Best in Show.
We offer both Large Fowl and Bantam. Large Fowl are currently
offered in black and dun (this color is not yet accepted by the
APA).  Our Bantams are available in black, and blue.  We will be
working on adding dun in our bantams and blue in our large fowl
over the next year or so.
These are beautiful birds but if you are looking for a great egg
layer I would not recommend these, they lay well in spring and
summer but not as well in fall and winter. Parc Life Layout

2013 pricing
Hatching Eggs:  $50.00 a dozen (includes shipping and handling)
Day old straight run LF dun chicks.................$8.00
Day old straight run LF black chicks..............$5.00

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